Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What we've been up to...

Yes, it seems like we've been doing lots lately. Well, the babies seem to be doing more lately than us ;) Ha!

We got our Christmas family pictures taken. I have to say they turned out B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! They are awesome! FYI, I went with the curly look. It just looks like me :) The girls did wonderful getting their pictures taken...no fussing, no crying, no smiling but hey, at least they all sat up and looked at the camera ;) Oh, I take that back, Suzan and Anna did smile when the photographer took individual head shots but they were the only ones. Bethany? Nope. 'Cmon, Brielle? Our smiley girl? Nada. Jared, as usual, did great and was very smiley. Oh, and Mom and Dad smiled too ;) So then I took the family picture over to PurpleStork (love them!!) and got a Christmas photo card made up. Got the envelopes? Check. Got stamps? Check. Yup, all done with the Christmas photo cards. Yay! So folks, expect them in the mail soon :) And if you have my email address and would like a Carlson Family Christmas card, then please email me with your mailing address. I might post the card here after I get them sent out, so all of you in cyberland can see them. Maybe ;) ...

The girls are doing SO much lately.

  • Suzan's crawling (as you can remember). Just this evening, she crawled from our carpeted family room out into the tiled area. I then put her back onto the carpet only to find her crawled away looking at one of our outlets (don't worry, I have safety outlet plugs in them). Uff! Might be time for us to migrate the babies play time to the penned in playroom.
  • All of the girls are sitting up on the own. Yay! They love sitting up and playing with toys.
  • All of them are getting very wiggly during feeding time. It doesn't matter which one of them it is, they all want to roll over and out of the boppy and crawl or roll away to play instead of eat their bottle. What happened to the little girls who would just lay still? So, this begs the question for my fellow quad moms, what did you do or how did you feed your quads when they got this active? We have a quad feeding table and/or they can sit up on their own. Would trying to feed them sitting up help? But I can't picture that with bottles. Paul says we need to use duct tape and staples ;) Ha! Any advice/experience would be appreciated!
  • They are stealing toys from each other; all except for Brielle. It's mostly Suzan, Anna and Bethany that steal toys. It's very funny to witness (yeah, funny now. wait till I have to get a referee's whistle to break up the stealing and fighting - uff!). Anna and Bethany never fuss or cry when a toy is stolen from them. Suzan and Brielle, on the other hand, will make their opinions known :P
  • We've been feeding them finger foods, e.g. Cheerios, Gerber puffs, for the last month or so. So far, Bethany has it down pat...rake the Cheerio or puff, put into hand, shove Cheerio or puff into mouth, enjoy yumminess. She does it so quick it's amazing! The other three can rake or pinch up the snack but only Suzan and Anna bring it to their mouths to eat. Brielle? She's doesn't get that she can eat and enjoy it. Usually, she likes shaking the snack in her hand or watching as she picks up, drops, picks up, drops the snack.
  • They are interacting with one another more. I've seen Anna and Bethany look at and play with (touch/grab at) each other. They smile and coo or giggle with each other. Suzan and Brielle are slowly interacting too. Just this morning, Suzan was reaching through her crib slats and trying to grab at Brielle next door. I love seeing this!! It's very cute :)
I can't believe it but Thanksgiving is just next week. Ack! It will be the girls first Thanksgiving. You know I'll take lots of photos of them, perhaps enjoying some mashed potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce. We haven't ventured into feeding them the meats lately. We might have to try turkey on Turkey Day ;)

And as you all love it (and I know is the reason you check out our blog ;) ), here are some recent pictures of the rug rats. Enjoy!

This picture is for Meng Chi - Thanks for the shirts! - Oh, and this is Anna's new smile. I think it is too sweet!Jared with his sisters - Jared, Bethany, Anna, Brielle and SuzanSuzan, mid-crawlBrielle playing aroundAnna laughing (Jared was making her laugh by doing somersaults or something)Bathtime! Now with the girls sitting up, I tried bathing them sitting. It worked and they loved it! FYI, we have the Primo bathtub, so they can be bathed either laying down on their backs or sitting up
Anna - "yay! this is fun!"Bethany, all bubblyBethany, looking cute and looking at the red cupBethany - "hey, i thought this was going to taste yummy! like strawberries or cherries!"Brielle - "hi mama!"Brielle - "oooo, this is cool! i never knew we had this at bathtime"Brielle being smiley. Yeah, it was cute. She really loved sitting up and playing. She giggled like I had never heard her giggle before :)Suzan playing with the red cup (fyi, I use the red cup to rinse them)Awe, what a sweet smile Suzan!The girls sitting up playing together in the pink nursery - Anna, Bethany, Suzan and BrielleAnna stealing a toy from Bethany. Oh, girl!Anna, what a sweet cutie pie! :)

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Jen said...

These pictures are just precious! I also love the new design for the blog! :o)

Anonymous said...

Really love your pictures, the bath pictures are reaaly cute ;)
Hope you will post your Christmas Portrait here too... it will be sad that I can't see them :(
Have a Nice Day and Congratulations on your beautiful family, your a super Mom to take care of a4 years old and Quads! :)
Emilie and her son Riley.

Dan and Margo said...

Great photos! I especially love the photo of Anna laughing! And their hair is growing! so cute!

The Kaylor Kastle said...

Every night it seemed like bathtime was always the highlight of our girls' day! It still is to this day...that's something like 9,000 baths over the past 8 years! Love all the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I love the new design! Ahhh the girls are growing up so fast. They are simply too cute! I can't wait to come down there and visit again and to see the girls in person!


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria/Paul,

The girls look so cute in those clothes! haha~ I am glad they fit them well!! :-)

It's amazing to see them (the girls and Jared) grow thru the blog, and see how strong/healthy they get each day. :-) I am just happy that they didnt block this website over here. hehe.. ;-)

God bless!! And Happy Holidays!!!

Meng Chi

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