Friday, November 14, 2008

There's a crawler in the house!

Guess who is crawling around now? Nope, not Brielle. She still gets up on her hands and knees to rock, or sometimes in the plank position, but hasn't picked up the coordination to move her hands and arms back and forth, back and forth. So she still gets around by going backwards - ha! :) Nope, it's not Bethany or Anna, although Anna is getting around like Brielle and Bethany is mobile by rolling around (sounds familiar...Jared rolled around like a crazy man ;) ). Yup, you've guessed it. It's Suzan! Our crazy little girl has been inch-worming her way around the house for the last few days. I couldn't believe it when I saw it..."look! she's crawling! my goodness!" She likes to pull or drag herself around with her arms, e.g. army or commando crawl. Sometimes she uses her legs or knees for propulsion.

Now we're in trouble with everyone getting mobile. Ack! ;)


Anonymous said...

You have to watch out for those, quiet, shy ones!! They can get in the most trouble. Yeah Suzan


Tubre Quads said...

Now you are really in for it! Congratulations and way to geaux Suzan!


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