Sunday, November 02, 2008

Quad Paraphernalia

I just came across this site, Cafe Press, that sells "print-on-demand" and custom printed clothing. I searched their site to see what kind of quadruplet items they carry and found that they carry TONS of quad stuff. Wow! Who would've thought there would be so much clothing just for quads? So here are a few of my favorites :)
**fyi, Cafe Press does carry other multiple items...pretty much anything for twins on up...and comes in blue and pink and every gender combination

Too funny! Wish I had these two t-shirts for when I was pregnant. But do they come in gigantic quad-preggo size? ;) Maybe I can get them for the next time I carry quads - Ha! :PIn case you can't read this one, it says "It's a girl...and a girl...and a girl...and a girl." Ha! Perfect!Ah, too cute. But would need to add a Big Brother duckling in there too :)A "mother of multiples" shirtFor Dad...and ain't it true ;)Four little girl peas in a podNeed a quad tote? Baby to the fourth power ;)Too funny...and perfect for usBuy one, get 3 free? What a sweetheart of a deal - hee hee :)Quads DO rock!And lastly, a baby A, B, C and D shirt for each girl



That is where some of my shirts have come from. They are fun.

Anonymous said...

I had TONS of expecting quads shirts from there when i was prego!!
Some fit strange but they are so hard to find quad stuff, who cares :)

Tubre Quads said...

Hey girly! The runabout headrests came from the runabout website under accessories...not sure if I ever got back to you on that. I didn't know about the site, but I love it!


quadmom said...

I'm so excited about those shirts. I've always wanted some fun quad stuff for me and my kids. Thanks for the info! Jayne

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