Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Disclaimer! - This is a NON-quad, NON-kid related post. Sorry if you were looking/thinking it was an update on Jared and our girls ;)

I know all of you ladies have gone through this..."what to do with my hair for an upcoming event?" Or "man, i need to do something different with my hair!" I guess it's a girl thing (and just imagine what our household will be like with 5! females - ha!) Women and hair...we cut it, color it, thin it, thicken it, volumize it, straighten it, curl it, perm it, highlight it, lowlight it, spray it, gel it, de-frizz it, pomade it, and on and on and on and on. For me, since we are getting our family Christmas pictures taken soon I thought I would start thinking about what to do with my hair for the picture.

First, I got my hair cut. I am really bad at getting my hair cut according to the rule of "every 4 to 6 weeks." I have gone as long as 6 months not getting a hair cut. I know, I'm bad :P Oh well. I decided to go with a blunt cut. No more layers. I think I got tired of them.

Second, I started thinking "what do i want my hair to look like? up? down? curly (i have curly hair by nature)? straight?" Thanks to an Amazon purchase long, long ago (it was a sweetheart of a deal!) I have a T3 Tourmaline wet-or-dry straightener.I've only used it once or twice because it takes me forever to straighten my hair (lots of hair and it's thick). Thinking about our Christmas pictures I thought "hm, what if i straightened my hair?" So...here is how it came out.

Right sideBack
Left side"hm...is this what i really want?"What did Jared and Paul think of my straight 'do? Jared..."no, i don't notice anything different mama." Paul..."you look like a 19 year old (hey, i like that ;) )" Me? I'm not too sure. Those that know me are probably thinking "that's not the Maria I know!", as I usually sport a curly 'do (or am lazy and have it in a pony tail ;) )

Next? Let's see what I can do with my hair curly :)


Anonymous said...

I say get our hair fixed for that day. A wonderful mother like you deserves a treat. Your babies are soo precious and getting so big! Love Grandma Carlson

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I havent gotten a hair cut in almost 6 months, TERRIBLE!
You are so cute to even write that post :)

Annie said...

I think that you look fabulous with straight hair. And you are going to surprise everyone with your Christmas pictures.

The Kaylor Kastle said...

So fun to change things up when you are a mommy stuck home!

Anonymous said...

It's really nice your hair straight like that!!
You are really beautiful !! :)
I have weavy/curly hairs and I straight it each morning (or 2)...
Can't wait to see what you can do with your hair curly ;)
I'm sure you will be wonderful for your Christmas Portrait! (Can't wait to see them :) )

Carol said...

You really do look 19! Go straight...........what a fun surprise for your pictures!


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