Sunday, November 09, 2008

Girls playing at the table

Thanks to Jared (again) we have the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table for the girls to play with. Jared loved it when he was a baby...can play with it while on the tummy, while sitting up and then is excellent to pull up on and play with.

Jared (at 10 months old)So I decided to pull out the table and see if the girls enjoy playing with it too. Oh yes they did! I took off two of the legs so that it would be semi-upright. This was the perfect height for them to sit up and play with it. Here are some pictures of them playing.

Suzan - "what are my sisters doing back there?"Anna - "hi mama! can i help you with something?"Bethany - "this toy is SO cool!"Brielle - "i agree bethany. this is 'da bomb!'"Then I decided to take some fun pictures of the girls. Can't get too many pictures of these sweeties :)

Suzan - "ack! don't get me mama!"Suzan - "yes, this is my favorite toy. gotta problem with it?"Anna - "have you seen my tongue?"Anna and Brielle "playing" together - Anna - "hi baby sister. what are you doing?"Bethany - "hi mama! i wuv you too!"Brielle - "i love to smile. see :)"


Tubre Quads said...

cute, cute, cute, cute!


Jen said...

Suzan and Brielle's smiles in these pics just melt your heart. ADORABLE!

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