Thursday, November 06, 2008

Anna, the messy eater

Usually our girls are not messy eaters. They don't really play with the food in their mouths. They don't usually grab at the spoon, touch the food or spit it out (okay, maybe Suzan blows raspberries and gets food all over us sometimes ;) ). But today, Anna was in rare form and decided that she was going to play today. Ha! What a silly girl!

Anna, playing with her bananas and apples (yeah, it's difficult to see the mess but trust me, it was there :) ...all over the table, her face, her hands, her clothes) - "mama, didn't you know that naners and apples make good finger paints? and are good for facials? and manis too? no, you say? really, they do!!"

1 comment:

jag said...

Oh my goodness! She is so precioius. What cheeks!

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