Tuesday, November 04, 2008

8 month pictures and shots

Today, our girls turned 8 months old. Wow, only 4 more months to go and they will be a year old. Yikes! Here are some pictures of them today. Oh, and here are their 8-month weights:

Suzan -
16lbs 5oz (25th%, now our littlest girl)
Anna -
20lbs (90th%)
Bethany -
20lbs 2oz (90th%, oh no, Anna's catching up to you Bethany! ;) )
Brielle -
16lbs 12oz (27th%)

Suzan, Bethany, Brielle and Anna - sitting up all by themselves!Anna, Bethany and Brielle playing togetherBrielle looking cute sitting upSuzan already playing soccer - "wow, i bet you didn't even see that pass! i'm too quick!""okay, i'm watching you...and your feet""yes coach. i hear ya. come back with the suzan maneuver. okay!"The girls also started their Synagis (or immune-booster against RSV) shots today. Thanks to Melissa D for coming with me to the pediatrician's office to help with the girls!! They get one shot each for each month of the RSV season. RSV season is roughly from November to about April. So that's about 6 months or 6 shots total (for each girl). Plus this month and next month they are getting the flu shot. And then you add in their 9- and 12-month well visit immunizations...it adds up to a lot of shots from now until April. Poor girls :( But it's all good for them. Especially the Synagis shots. Here is a little bit about RSV and the Synagis shots.

What is RSV?
Respiratory syncytial virus (sin-SISH-shul VI-rus), or RSV, is a common, seasonal and easily spread virus. You’ve probably had RSV and thought it was just a bad cold. In fact, nearly all children will get their first RSV infection by age two.

Most people with RSV suffer moderate to severe cold-like symptoms. For some babies, RSV can be more serious—it's the #1 cause of hospitalization in infants. Preemies and babies born with a heart or lung condition are at higher risk for severe RSV disease, which could lead to serious lung infections like pneumonia and bronchiolitis. It is estimated that the annual infant death rate due to RSV is 10 times greater than that of the flu, with up to 400 infant deaths from RSV each year in the U.S.

That’s why it’s important to know who’s at greater risk for severe RSV disease:
- Babies born prematurely at 35 weeks or less (**our girls were born at 32w3d PLUS we have a son that goes to school and can bring RSV home)
- Babies born with heart disease
- Babies with chronic lung disease

RSV and your baby's lungs
If your baby was born prematurely, you probably already know how fragile preemie lungs can be. And even as preemies start to look healthy and strong, their lungs remain smaller and less developed than those of full-term babies. That's why preemies are at greater risk for a severe lung infection from RSV.Why monthly Synagis shots?
When it comes to protecting your baby's growing lungs from RSV, timing is everything. RSV season usually starts in the fall and continues into spring, but the season may be different where you live. So your first step should be talking to your baby's healthcare provider to find out when RSV season starts and ends in your area.

If your baby has been prescribed Synagis, getting each and every shot during RSV season is essential. Remember that Synagis doesn't work like a vaccine. One Synagis shot protects your baby for about 28-30 days, so delaying or skipping a shot may leave your baby unprotected. Make sure you plan ahead for your baby's first Synagis shot and keep the rest of your baby's shots on schedule.

So you can see why our girls are getting these immune-booster shots against RSV. Even though they are and have been healthy (Praise God!!) they can still get RSV and get really, really, really sick. That's why we and their pediatrician (a father of quads himself - awesome!) are giving them these shots and keeping our home as healthy as possible, e.g. hand washing, santizing/wiping down/cleaning high-use areas, keeping sick people and anyone that's been around someone sick away from us and the babies, keeping the babies home and not going out to highly-populated places. We don't want these sweetheart girls getting very ill!


Side by Side said...

Wow those are awesome weights!

Way to grow girls!

So cute to see them all sitting up together.

DSMOM member :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT WEIGHTS!! So jealous! My kiddos are so much smaller and older for that matter. I wish i could feed them straight lard!
The girls look so cute. I love that photo of Suzan looking right at the camera, that is a great one!

Moni Graf said...

Good Lord....what are you feeding those girls?! Bacon with a side of butter and heavy cream? Those are some awesome weights!

And what beautiful girls. Suzan's eyes and little lip pucker KILLS me!

Glad all 4 of yours got approved for Synagis. Only Laine got approved with mine. Boo, Hiss. Our upcoming plane ride makes me nervous.


Mary Anne Whiteley said...

Here's something that comes as "funny" to me...the kids have to go to the doctor to get their synagis shots. Sick people go to the doctor's office. Man, I'd just want to keep them away from that place! ;)

Holly Janeen said...

8 MONTHS? can you believe that you have been the mother of quads for 8 MONTHS??? 8 MONTHS of pumping, changing, cuddling, loving... WOW!

The Kaylor Kastle said...

That is just way too many shots per appointment! My thoguhts are with you when you are called to love and snuggle with 4 sad little girls...2 was hard enough.

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