Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What does 3 weeks of baby food for us look like?

This...That's about 60 2-packs of the Gerber stage-2 foods. That's a whole lotta food ;)


Suzanne said...

aaahhhhh...that totally looks familiar! isn't is ridiculous? i would actually have people snicker at me while standing in the checkout line...like i was some crazy obsessed mama with ONE baby at home--stocking up on a year's supply of baby food! oh, if they only knew! ;)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Ebay for coupons? I just discovered that there are tons of people that clip coupons and sell multiples of the same coupon (20, 50, etc) for a few dollars. It can add up to big savings. Good luck!

The Stilwells said...

Oh wow!!! Looks like me when Gerber had food for 10 cents a jar when Nathan was eating Baby food.

Do you want coupons? I have some you can have. let me know.

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