Saturday, October 25, 2008

We've been BOO'ed!

Maybe some of you have already heard of this. Maybe not. Apparently the latest thing for Halloween is to BOO your neighbors. It's very cute. It's like a Secret Santa but for Halloween. Someone in your neighborhood leaves a mysterious basket of candy at your doorstep along with a cute little Halloween poem and instructions on how to BOO the next neighbor or two. You can read about it here at Organized Christmas. You can even print out the poem and BOO signs from the website in order to BOO your neighbors.

So the other day we got BOO'ed. Jared thought it was fun (you try to BOO your neighbor while the kids are awake, just before bedtime, so it's fun for them). I asked him "so, who do you think BOO'ed us?" He replied "i don't know." He did ask some of the neighborhood kids he plays with "did you BOO me?" Ha! Now we're trying to decide which neighbors to BOO next.

You never know, you might get BOO'ed too :)

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Tubre Quads said...

Hey Girl...I am just remembering that I never told you where the headrest covers came from. They are from the Runabout company. On their website you go to accessories. If I get an actual path for you I will send it. They only have blue though :(


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