Monday, October 20, 2008

Teething Babies Revealed

Thanks to everyone for the guesses/comments! So, who are the two babies getting their two bottom teeth??

1st - Bethany
2nd - Anna

Yup, Mary L and Jaime B guessed correct :) Others were close in thinking it was the identicals. First, when I saw that Bethany was getting some teeth I asked Paul "so, i wonder if anna will get some next, as you know they are identical." He didn't think so. Well, their genes must be more identical than we thought because Anna starting getting her teeth the very next day. So now it will be interesting to see when Suzan and Brielle (fraternals) will start to get their teeth.

Will post pictures of their new teeth once they are more visible. I always think its a big change to see your baby go from a gummy grin to a toothy grin :) It totally changes their look.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man, i was so close!!!
Congrats on Brielle crawling... but i must warn you have only have on officially crawling and three that acn get to places and its already TOUGH!!!
I have more baby proofing to do this week and QUICK. Reid is pulling up on things and getting into everything and her sibblings REALLY want to do the same.
Make we can star in that show Multiplicity and we can make copies of our self to go in four different directions, or in your case, five with Jared!!d

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