Monday, October 20, 2008

Sitting pretty

I've just recently pulled out some old toys that we had for Jared when he was a baby. One of the toys is the Fisher Price Baby Playzone Push N Glide Driver. Jared had fun with it when he was a baby.

Jared - 6 months oldThe toy is excellent in getting the baby to sit up (it makes car/beep/traffic sounds and has lights so it holds their attention). Plus, once the baby can crawl or begin to crawl they can be on their tummy/knees and push the toy around on the floor.

So I thought I would see if the girls enjoyed sitting up playing with the toy too. Oh yes they did!

Suzan - "yes, where can i take you? did you know i can drive already?"Anna - "beep beep! i love this horn!"Bethany - "um, what's that over there in the road?Brielle - "hold on to your seats! gotta make my turn here!"


Andria said...

That looks like a fun toy! I might have to get one for my little guy. It looks as though it may force me to keep the floors clean too, ha!

What fun! Thanks for the link.

Dan and Margo said...

I love the photos of Jared! Look at all that hair he has!

So glad to see the girls are doing well! Such cute pictures!

Quad Squad! said...

What beautiful children! The girls AND Jared! And what a fun toy! I'm surprised we missed out on that one!

Charity Donovan said...

All of these photos are too cute for words! They are just beautiful!

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