Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rollers and scooters

I thought friends and family (especially the grandparents out there ;) ) would love to hear how the girls are doing developmentally. Here's an update on each girl...

Suzan - She can roll over, back to tummy and tummy to back. We've seen her roll over and over several times in a row now. There have been MANY times that we walk away to go refill a bottle and come back to see Suzan rolled over in the Boppy and pushed herself out of it. She also does well pivoting around (while on tummy) in order to get to a person, place and/or thing. She also can sit up (supported). And as you can see from her trouble maker picture, she loves to smile and play with you. Her favorites are peek-a-boo and tickle her tummy and chin. Oh, and she loves to suck on her thumb to fall asleep.

Anna - Speaking of thumb sucking, she still loves her thumb too (to fall asleep). She can roll over back to tummy but not so much tummy to back. She can sit up (supported). She still has her singing voice and loves to squeal with you :) She gets so excited when she sees Mama, Dad and big brother, Jared, and gives us big smiles and wiggles her entire body. She loves getting out of her Boppy, too, at feeding time (just like Suzan). She, too, can pivot around on her tummy to get a toy out of reach.

Bethany - She has developed the most cutest laugh! It's a true giggle :) She also has been rolling over back to tummy and tummy to back...roll, roll, roll. She, too, LOVES peek-a-boo. She gives a great big laugh when Mama does the "Boo!" And like Anna, she lights up like a firecracker when she sees Mama, Dad and big brother, Jared. Bethany also can get to her favorite toys by pivoting around while on her tummy. She loves "talking" with you too.

Brielle - Still our strongest girl. She can roll over from back to tummy but not so much tummy to back. Maybe every once and a while. She can stand up and not buckle. She can still sit up well. And the latest development is she is getting up on her knees and rocking! And scooting backwards! Oh my! She might be our first crawler (either her or Suzan)! She has also started to squeal more.

Lots happening with our girls. Praise God that they are doing so well! We pray that they continue to grow and develop into strong and healthy girls!

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