Monday, October 06, 2008

Our day - with seven-month-old quads

A lot has changed in our days since the girls were two-months old. Here's what our day looks like now (been this way for the last month or so)...

7:15 AM - Paul, Maria and Jared wake up

7:30AM - We eat breakfast together!

8:00AM - Maria pumps. Paul's getting morning bottles and baby food ready. Jared is probably playing.

8:30AM - We feed all four girls at once...bottles first, then solids/baby food, then a "seconds" bottle. Usually, Anna and Bethany eat ~9oz of breastmilk/formula and Suzan and Brielle eat ~7oz. They all eat 1.75oz of baby food with some cereal (rice or oatmeal) mixed in. Jared is busy watching something on PBS, e.g. Word Girl, Word World, Caillou, Bob the Builder.

~9:15AM - Play time for the girls! Or exercise/physical therapy time. Or stroll around the neighborhood time.

10:00AM - Lay the girls down for a nap. Time for us to get some stuff/errands done and time to play with Jared.

11:30AM - Lunch for us

Noon - Maria pumps again

12:30PM - Time to feed the girls again...bottles, solids/baby food, bottles. M-Th Jared goes to pre-k.

~1:15PM - Play time with the girls. Or bath time (about 2x a week).

2:00PM - Nap time for the girls. Try to get Jared down for a nap or some quiet time.

2:30PM - Maria naps (hopefully)

3:30PM - M-Th pick up Jared from pre-k

4:00PM - Maria pumps

4:30PM - Feeding time! Give the girls bottles, solids/baby food and bottles.

~5:15PM - Play time for them

~5:30PM - Dinner for us three

6:00PM - Lay the girls down for a last/third nap

Between 6:00PM and 7:00PM - Play time for Paul, Maria and Jared

~7:00PM - Jared's bed time

8:00PM - Maria pumps

8:30PM - Feed the girls one last time for the day (bottle only). They then sleep for 12 hours! Woo hoo!

10:00PM (more likely 10:30PM ;) ) - Bed time for Paul and Maria

2:00AM - Maria has one middle-of-the-night pumping session

We have to say that we love this schedule! There's more meal time/together time for us with Jared and more play time with the girls. Plus, we've gotta love the girls sleeping 12 hours at night. Oh, yeah! ;) It still feels like we "go!-go!-go!" and it's just non-stop baby time here but it's all good! It's our life with seven-month-old quads and a 4.5 year old boy :)


The Kaylor Kastle said...

Looks like you guys got it down! I'd like to say it gets easier, but there are days I would do ANYTHING for a nap. Enjoy them while you can!

Moni Graf said...

You have a great system working! For us, it seems that every time we get one down pat, something changes and we're right back at square one. It's probably the thing that frustrates me the most.

Way to go, Maria, on continuing to pump. 5 times a day at that! I KNOW how hard that is. But I honestly feel that the reason none of our quads had so much as a runny nose for the 1st 6 month of their lives, and have yet to be put on any antibiotics, is due in large part to having received breastmilk for 8.5 months. That was a crazy, long, run-on sentence. I know.

I was wondering a few things... do the girls ever that spit-up issues like reflux? And do they typically do down easily for their naps? In the Graf house, there's usually at least 1 baby that tries to buck the afternoon nap. Just curious.

Still can't wait to see the girls in their flower costumes. I just got all our costumes together today and I think they'll be a hit!

Love from KS,

Anonymous said...

That is a FANTASTIC system! So jealous, Mine are at the age now that i am LUCKY to get four hours a day out of them for sleep. It came on suddenly and hit me right in the face. I hope it doesnt happen to you, it could have somethign to do withthe fact that we got 6 teeth in 8 days in this house and one on its way any day now!!!

quadmom said...

I'm so amazed by you that you are still pumping! Wow--I was proud of my pumping for my quads for 5 weeks after birth. Life is definitely going to get easier. What a busy, fun time of life you're having. My babies are now 16 months. This is a fun stage. I'd love to have a play date with you sometime because I know you live in this area.

quadmom said...

I just realized that you probably don't know who quadmom is because you are one also. It's Jayne Cluff-the mom of quads also.

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