Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One year ago - early bed rest at 12 weeks pregnant

So a year ago we were cruisin' right along, thinking about adding quads to our family and preparing for them, when WHAM! We found out I had a uterine blood clot. And as it turns out, my doctors (Phoenix Perinatal Associates - the best in town!) said I had to be put on strict bed rest that day. At 12 weeks pregnant! Wow, this definitely was something we did not plan for or expect. How would we do this? How could I stay down on the sofa and bed (with only potty breaks and one shower a day) when I have so much to do...prepare for four babies, take care of our house, take care of our son?? Then to worry about the clot that could deathly affect our babies??? Nope, it wasn't good :( But thanks to prayers from us, friends and family, to Paul being home to help and take over while I was down and to God and His faithfulness and goodness we made it through it. It was a long 6 weeks of bed rest but God protected the girls and me from the clot. Thinking back to a year ago I praise God for what He did then and thank Him for protecting them and me and allowing the pregnancy to last several, several more weeks! God is good!

**What was fun immediately after this were the kidney stones I had and passed. Uff! What a whirlwind it was that week in mid-October 2007! I didn't know how crazy a quad pregnancy would be ;)


quadmom said...

Wow! I was on bedrest for 12 weeks and I also passed a kidney stone. Quad pregnancy is awful! However, I have nothing to compare it to like you.

Anonymous said...

Ugh girl - I had a singleton pregnancy and kidney stones too - only time in my life ever. I thought I was the only one!!

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