Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year! Thankfully, I am up and can have fun this year, unlike last year when I was on bed rest. I was sad I missed out last year :( But not this year ;)

Here are pictures of some of our pumpkin festivities. Will post more pictures of us trick-or-treating later. Happy Halloween! Boo!!

Jared, helping to carve the pumpkin
Getting all of the mushy gushies out of itJared taking a stab at it (pun intended ;) ) FYI, we carve our Halloween pumpkins with the Pumpkin Masters tools, patterns and kits you can find in stores. You can also search online for other free pumpkin carving patterns. It's very fun and easy!The finished product!Jared and our pumpkinVery fun, all lit upAnd the pictures everyone's been waiting for...Jared, dressed as a fire fighter, and the girls, dressed as some cute little flowers!What a handsome fire fighter :)A very cute bouquet - Awe!
** is a fun book with a Christian view of Halloween - The Pumpkin Gospel


Jen said...

They all look so cute! I love the flowers. Don't know how you're going to beat that next year...excited to see! :o) Jared looks so grown up in his fireman outfit. Happy Halloween!!!

Misty said...

Those are amazing! I love them! Jared looks so handsome.
Great job!
Hope ya'll had a wonderful Halloween

Andria said...

Too cute for words! I love how you captured the fun Jared had. Love your bouquet of flowers too!

Anonymous said...

You are so creative!! I could have never pulled that off.
Jared looks so grown up!! Very cute.

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