Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Already fighting over toys?

Yes, today I think I witnessed the beginnings of the girls fighting over toys. I had just fed the girls lunch and they were playing on the gyms with their assortment of toys. Thanks to Jared we have a collection of toys. I was busy in the kitchen when all of a sudden I heard Suzan scream holy terror. I immediately ran to her, thinking she was stuck or hurt or something else but was surprised to find her on her tummy safe and sound. Hm... Then she started to scream again. It was then that I realized she was screaming because she wanted to play with a toy that Bethany (laying right next to Suzan) was playing with. Ah ha! I remembered Suzan playing with this toy (a Lamaze Tug & Play Knot Block) earlier. She really liked playing with it. And in Suzan's defense I will say this toy is pretty cool and fun to play with so I can see why she wanted to play with it again :) Well, she must've remembered that she liked it...and wanted to take it from Bethany and play with it NOW. Ha! Suzan was already trying to grab at the toy Bethany had. So I tried to divert her attention from the Knot Block and play with the other various toys. I guess that helped her a bit but she still kept looking back at the toy. I figure she was thinking "yeah, that's MY toy Bethany! i'll get it back soon!" Ha!

I am sure (and the other quad moms can attest to this ;) ) this is the VERY beginning of lots of toy fights. Oh well ;)


jag said...

Sounds like you're in for some refereeing! By the way, love the pics of Jared. So sweet.

The Kaylor Kastle said...

Oh so fun! Wait til they start biting each other and I'm pretty sure you will have at least one biter..maybe 2. ;o) Get your plan of action in place now!

quadmom said...

You are so right--that is just the beginning, but their interactions with each other--good and bad--are so fun to watch.

Sara said...

good luck! i was wondering what your website was. i was reading your blogs and wanted to hear the birth story. thanks!

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