Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year! Thankfully, I am up and can have fun this year, unlike last year when I was on bed rest. I was sad I missed out last year :( But not this year ;)

Here are pictures of some of our pumpkin festivities. Will post more pictures of us trick-or-treating later. Happy Halloween! Boo!!

Jared, helping to carve the pumpkin
Getting all of the mushy gushies out of itJared taking a stab at it (pun intended ;) ) FYI, we carve our Halloween pumpkins with the Pumpkin Masters tools, patterns and kits you can find in stores. You can also search online for other free pumpkin carving patterns. It's very fun and easy!The finished product!Jared and our pumpkinVery fun, all lit upAnd the pictures everyone's been waiting for...Jared, dressed as a fire fighter, and the girls, dressed as some cute little flowers!What a handsome fire fighter :)A very cute bouquet - Awe!
** is a fun book with a Christian view of Halloween - The Pumpkin Gospel

Yummy pineapple guy

Bethany loves to pull down this little toy, what we loving call "pineapple guy," from the play gyms and play with him. On this day, she decided to see what pineapple guy tasted like. Ha!

Bethany - "sadly, he doesn't taste anything like pineapple :( *sigh* "

Anna and Suzan TRYING to share toys

Ha! I swear they were going back and forth, back and forth with this toy. I guess they were "sharing," if you want to call it that ;)

Suzan - "um, i think I was playing with this!"Anna and Suzan - "oh, hi mama. we're fine. just fine. nothing wrong here. nothing at all."Anna - "yeah right, i'm gonna play with this!"

A new way to play with gyms

Bethany has found a new (and creative ;) ) way to play with the gyms. See for yourself...

Bethany - "oh, hi mama! just playing here"Looks like Anna and Suzan are saying "we have NO idea what she is doing or is up to! we're not a part of her shenanigan!"

Jared at Rylee's 5th birthday party

Jared got invited to attend a neighbor's little girl's 5th birthday party last weekend. It was fun! There was a petting zoo, pony rides, our neighbor's boat to take a ride in, toys and Play-Doh to play with and best of all...birthday cake ;) Jared had a fun time and it was nice that we were able to celebrate Rylee's 5th birthday with her and her family. Here are some pics...

Jared in the petting zooJared petting one of the bunniesJared petting the little piggy"This little piggy went to the market..."Jared having some fun playing golf...And soccer...And with some Play-DohJared and I had fun taking a tour of our neighborhood lake with our neighbor on his boatJared had fun riding this horse named ChicoThe birthday girlMake a wish Rylee!Jared - "yum! birthday cake!!"Jared with Rylee

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Already fighting over toys?

Yes, today I think I witnessed the beginnings of the girls fighting over toys. I had just fed the girls lunch and they were playing on the gyms with their assortment of toys. Thanks to Jared we have a collection of toys. I was busy in the kitchen when all of a sudden I heard Suzan scream holy terror. I immediately ran to her, thinking she was stuck or hurt or something else but was surprised to find her on her tummy safe and sound. Hm... Then she started to scream again. It was then that I realized she was screaming because she wanted to play with a toy that Bethany (laying right next to Suzan) was playing with. Ah ha! I remembered Suzan playing with this toy (a Lamaze Tug & Play Knot Block) earlier. She really liked playing with it. And in Suzan's defense I will say this toy is pretty cool and fun to play with so I can see why she wanted to play with it again :) Well, she must've remembered that she liked it...and wanted to take it from Bethany and play with it NOW. Ha! Suzan was already trying to grab at the toy Bethany had. So I tried to divert her attention from the Knot Block and play with the other various toys. I guess that helped her a bit but she still kept looking back at the toy. I figure she was thinking "yeah, that's MY toy Bethany! i'll get it back soon!" Ha!

I am sure (and the other quad moms can attest to this ;) ) this is the VERY beginning of lots of toy fights. Oh well ;)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We've been BOO'ed!

Maybe some of you have already heard of this. Maybe not. Apparently the latest thing for Halloween is to BOO your neighbors. It's very cute. It's like a Secret Santa but for Halloween. Someone in your neighborhood leaves a mysterious basket of candy at your doorstep along with a cute little Halloween poem and instructions on how to BOO the next neighbor or two. You can read about it here at Organized Christmas. You can even print out the poem and BOO signs from the website in order to BOO your neighbors.

So the other day we got BOO'ed. Jared thought it was fun (you try to BOO your neighbor while the kids are awake, just before bedtime, so it's fun for them). I asked him "so, who do you think BOO'ed us?" He replied "i don't know." He did ask some of the neighborhood kids he plays with "did you BOO me?" Ha! Now we're trying to decide which neighbors to BOO next.

You never know, you might get BOO'ed too :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

What I love about having quadruplets

I was just thinking about this the other day. There are so many reasons why I love having our four beautiful baby girls! Here are a few...

  • I love seeing four smiling faces welcome us in the morning
  • I love to hear the four of them giggling :)
  • I love that each one of them is different and we get to enjoy each girl's uniqueness
  • I love how excited they get interacting with us, Jared and each other
  • I love giving them baths, spending that one-on-one time with each girl
  • I love that there's never a dull moment with them, e.g. rolling, scooting, feeding solids, beginning to crawl, new teeth
  • I love seeing each girl grow and develop in her own way
  • I love how silly and fun they can be
  • I love that there's always a baby to hold, play and coo with
And one more...
  • I love seeing four smiling faces as we kiss them goodnight

I know there's lots more I could say about this. I also know there will be lots more I will be able to say about this in the future. It's a blessing to be a parent of quads!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sitting pretty

I've just recently pulled out some old toys that we had for Jared when he was a baby. One of the toys is the Fisher Price Baby Playzone Push N Glide Driver. Jared had fun with it when he was a baby.

Jared - 6 months oldThe toy is excellent in getting the baby to sit up (it makes car/beep/traffic sounds and has lights so it holds their attention). Plus, once the baby can crawl or begin to crawl they can be on their tummy/knees and push the toy around on the floor.

So I thought I would see if the girls enjoyed sitting up playing with the toy too. Oh yes they did!

Suzan - "yes, where can i take you? did you know i can drive already?"Anna - "beep beep! i love this horn!"Bethany - "um, what's that over there in the road?Brielle - "hold on to your seats! gotta make my turn here!"

Brielle - Crawling!

Okay, almost crawling. For the last few weeks Brielle has been getting up on her hands and knees and rocking. It's just the beginning stages of crawling. Oh man ;) !! She can, though, push herself (or scoot) backwards. There have been many times we've put her down in one spot only to find her minutes later several feet away in another spot. Crazy girl! We'll have to capture this on video for everyone :)

Teething Babies Revealed

Thanks to everyone for the guesses/comments! So, who are the two babies getting their two bottom teeth??

1st - Bethany
2nd - Anna

Yup, Mary L and Jaime B guessed correct :) Others were close in thinking it was the identicals. First, when I saw that Bethany was getting some teeth I asked Paul "so, i wonder if anna will get some next, as you know they are identical." He didn't think so. Well, their genes must be more identical than we thought because Anna starting getting her teeth the very next day. So now it will be interesting to see when Suzan and Brielle (fraternals) will start to get their teeth.

Will post pictures of their new teeth once they are more visible. I always think its a big change to see your baby go from a gummy grin to a toothy grin :) It totally changes their look.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two more teeth!

Yes, two more teeth poppin' through! But now it's with another baby. Yes, that's two babies getting their two bottom teeth. Any guesses on the second teether? Leave a comment.

**Disclaimer: First teething baby will be revealed after guesses on the second teething baby...and we'll see if a third and/or fourth teething baby pops up in the meantime ;)

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Okay, so today I noticed one of the girls is getting their bottom two front teeth. Yay! Yes, I know I am crazy saying "yay!" to teeth ;) It's just something new and exciting with the girls. I was wondering when they'd be cutting teeth, as Jared cut his first two at 5.5 months old. So this is pretty much in line with what he did...7.5 months old (crono), 5.5 (adjusted).

So, who is it getting their first two teeth? Any guesses? Leave a comment.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time out = Time in

Today, the girls are 32 weeks and 3 days old. What does this mean and why is it important? What is the significance of 32 weeks and 3 days? It's because today they are exactly as old as they were when they were delivered (gestationally speaking). It means their age is as long as my pregnancy was. It means their "time out" is equal to the "time in." To me it means...time has flown by ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One year ago - early bed rest at 12 weeks pregnant

So a year ago we were cruisin' right along, thinking about adding quads to our family and preparing for them, when WHAM! We found out I had a uterine blood clot. And as it turns out, my doctors (Phoenix Perinatal Associates - the best in town!) said I had to be put on strict bed rest that day. At 12 weeks pregnant! Wow, this definitely was something we did not plan for or expect. How would we do this? How could I stay down on the sofa and bed (with only potty breaks and one shower a day) when I have so much to do...prepare for four babies, take care of our house, take care of our son?? Then to worry about the clot that could deathly affect our babies??? Nope, it wasn't good :( But thanks to prayers from us, friends and family, to Paul being home to help and take over while I was down and to God and His faithfulness and goodness we made it through it. It was a long 6 weeks of bed rest but God protected the girls and me from the clot. Thinking back to a year ago I praise God for what He did then and thank Him for protecting them and me and allowing the pregnancy to last several, several more weeks! God is good!

**What was fun immediately after this were the kidney stones I had and passed. Uff! What a whirlwind it was that week in mid-October 2007! I didn't know how crazy a quad pregnancy would be ;)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beauties and Bows

A friend of mine (thanks Jessica!) made these headbands and bows for the girls. And in each girl's color! I think the girls look pretty cute in them. Yes Jessica, you might have got me hooked on these now ;) Here are the girls, as a group, and then with big brother, Jared.

Bethany and Suzan saying "aren't we cute Mama?!"I just love the look on Anna - "yeah, i'm cute! no doubt about it!" And Jared just loves being with his sisters :)

A whole lotta diapers and formula!

Just last week we made our regular diaper and formula run for the girls. BRU had a coupon deal on diapers and wipes...$5 off each case of diapers and $2 off each case of wipes. We purchased 12 jumbo cases of diapers (sizes 3 and 4), 3 jumbo cases of wipes and then 100 bottles of formula. Whew! That's a whole lotta diapers and formula! Enough diapers and wipes to last us about 3 months and formula to last us about 2 months (even with the breastmilk they get!). Here's Jared with the load.FYI for all the parents of babies and multiples...BRU has a "loyalty" or "rewards" shopper program now (starting October 15th, 2008). You know, like the grocers with the little cards you swipe to take advantage of the store's savings? So BRU says you can get savings and advantages by being in the loyalty program. The best deal (well, for us folks that are purchasing huge amounts of diapers ;) )? Buy 9 cases of Pampers diapers and the 10th case is free. Score!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Biker, Reader and Talker

I can't forget Jared! He is doing much developmentally lately too!

Jared - Jared got a new big boy bike a while ago. So with the cooler weather here we're spending more time outside. He does so well riding his bike! He also loves to figure out words and read them. Just the other day he was reading words off of the cars/vans on the street (like a Fox 10 News van) and likes to read words off items at the dinner table, e.g. "milk," "butter," "cheese." He reads 4 or 5 of his Hooked on Phonics kindergarten books. He can put together words on his Leap Frog Phonics Pond toy...three-letter words (the toy only allows three-letter words) like "cat," "log," "cup," "mat." Plus, he knows what words rhyme or sound the same, e.g. cat and hat, log and dog, fox and box. He can pick them out and match them up. He knows how to write his letters. Lately he likes to ask us "why" on a lot of things. He knows the sign language signs to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands" (and he can sing to the songs too!). He loves to talk and talk and talk with us...about his day, about what's he's thinking about, about stories he likes to make up, about his likes and dislikes.

Rollers and scooters

I thought friends and family (especially the grandparents out there ;) ) would love to hear how the girls are doing developmentally. Here's an update on each girl...

Suzan - She can roll over, back to tummy and tummy to back. We've seen her roll over and over several times in a row now. There have been MANY times that we walk away to go refill a bottle and come back to see Suzan rolled over in the Boppy and pushed herself out of it. She also does well pivoting around (while on tummy) in order to get to a person, place and/or thing. She also can sit up (supported). And as you can see from her trouble maker picture, she loves to smile and play with you. Her favorites are peek-a-boo and tickle her tummy and chin. Oh, and she loves to suck on her thumb to fall asleep.

Anna - Speaking of thumb sucking, she still loves her thumb too (to fall asleep). She can roll over back to tummy but not so much tummy to back. She can sit up (supported). She still has her singing voice and loves to squeal with you :) She gets so excited when she sees Mama, Dad and big brother, Jared, and gives us big smiles and wiggles her entire body. She loves getting out of her Boppy, too, at feeding time (just like Suzan). She, too, can pivot around on her tummy to get a toy out of reach.

Bethany - She has developed the most cutest laugh! It's a true giggle :) She also has been rolling over back to tummy and tummy to back...roll, roll, roll. She, too, LOVES peek-a-boo. She gives a great big laugh when Mama does the "Boo!" And like Anna, she lights up like a firecracker when she sees Mama, Dad and big brother, Jared. Bethany also can get to her favorite toys by pivoting around while on her tummy. She loves "talking" with you too.

Brielle - Still our strongest girl. She can roll over from back to tummy but not so much tummy to back. Maybe every once and a while. She can stand up and not buckle. She can still sit up well. And the latest development is she is getting up on her knees and rocking! And scooting backwards! Oh my! She might be our first crawler (either her or Suzan)! She has also started to squeal more.

Lots happening with our girls. Praise God that they are doing so well! We pray that they continue to grow and develop into strong and healthy girls!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Look at me in my pretty green dress!

I just had to take a picture of Bethany in her pretty floral green dress today. She looks too cute :)

"Look at me! Aren't I pretty? Oh, and the dress tastes okay too :P"

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The face of a trouble maker

Yeah, I'm talking about you Suzan. You're a little trouble maker ;) Isn't this the face of a trouble maker?

Brielle has eyes for her Daddy

Brielle was giving Dad big eyes at the table the other day.

"Hi Dad!"

Now you Bethany??

Bethany? What are you eating now?"Mama, i'm innocent! Anna made me do it!"

Miss Beauty Queen

Anna, what are you eating?"Who me? Hm..."
"Eh, nothing Mama. Nothing at all :) "
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