Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A very smart 4-year-old

Okay, so I've wondered how I always find Jared at the Disney TV website on his computer (FYI, we have his computer locked with a password so he can't just go on it at any time. He needs one of us to log him in and then he is always good at logging himself out.) I've saved some kid-friendly quick links in Internet Explorer, e.g. PBS Kids, Sesame Street, Starfall, but have never put a link to Disney TV. Amazingly enough, I just saw Jared get to the Disney TV website! Here is what he did...

1) click on the Google link on Internet Explorer (okay, I put that link in there too)
2) type the letter "w" into Google
3) see that "Wall-e" comes up in past searches. Click on "Wall-e"
4) click on the "Google Search" button, which takes you to a Google search for "Wall-e"
5) click on the Disney-Pixar Wall-e Movie link in the Google search, which takes you to the Wall-e official website
6) then click on the "Games" tab in the upper left corner of the website and then guess what? It takes you to the Disney TV website with the available games. He then peruses through the website's tab menu, going through the games, characters and TV shows. He especially likes going to the Phineas and Ferb page and playing the games there. FYI, we don't have cable or satellite TV so we don't get the Disney Channel for him to watch. So he has no idea who all these characters are...until finding and going to the Disney TV website :)

Isn't that crazy? He's just too smart, which is why we have a password on his computer ;)

Just thought I'd share a Jared story with you all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, he is SO SMART !!
My 8 years old is not as good as him on internet :P
Jared, you are a Big Boy ! :)

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