Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The sweetest big brother EVER!

Here's another Jared story.

See the picture below? It's of Jared and a project he made in his pre-k class. His class was learning the letter "R" that week so his teacher had them paint and make pictures or designs with rice (get it, R for Rice?). Before they start, the teacher tells the kids "now, think of what you want to make with the painted rice. You can make anything you want." So what does Jared decide to make? A picture of four little flowers ALL in his sisters' colors! Awe! How sweet is that? I think that is the most sweet and adorable thing a big brother could do. Out of all the things he could have made, e.g. race cars, his teddy bear, Clifford or Curious George, he decides to make a drawing of his sisters. Makes my heart melt! He's really warmed up to his sisters and loves them dearly. Again, what a very sweet and thoughtful big brother!


Andria said...

Beautiful! That's a keeper! And when his sisters get married I'm sure he'll be right there to throw rice, right? Adorable memory to have.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! This is SO SWEET!
What a good Big Brother he is :)
It's wonderful to see that he loves his sisters so much!
Have a Nice Day with your little family :)
Emilie and her Kiddos


That is too cute.
I put some pics on that Jace and Maya did recently...how funny.
I'll see ya Friday- Kami

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