Friday, September 05, 2008

One year ago - What? It's q-q-q-quads????

Yes, one year ago today, on 9/5/07, Paul and I found out our little family of three would be greatly expanded to a family of seven. We found out I was carrying quads! Saying we were shocked would be an understatement ;) Now, looking the four precious girls we have, giving us big smiles and coos and laughs, makes us think "what life would be like without them? empty!"

Here is what I journaled on that day...

September 5th, 2007 (6.5 weeks): Two weeks later we get to have our first OB ultrasound. Paul came with me and we were so nervous about it. We knew I was pregnant but we didn't know how many I was carrying. It could be one or it could be four or more! We knew quads were a possibility but it was so remote, like a 1 to 3% chance. We had a higher chance of not getting pregnant, at 50%. So, we know this is all God. We saw four sacs and four heartbeats! Oh my!!!! Needless to say, Paul and I had a rough two days after receiving this news...crying, scared for my health, for the babies' health, for our finances, for the change to our family of three and to our marriage. Thanks to lots of praying and encouragement from our friends and family, we are feeling more and more confident that God can give us his strength, peace and patience to handle this. He won't give us anything more than we can't handle. Plus, He's been in control of all of this at all times. He's the one that decided four and I am confident in God's power and goodness!

**a funny side note - the night before this first ultrasound, I watched an episode of "Super Quads" (on the Mathias quads) on the Discovery Health Channel. I thought "wow, that looks crazy!" and "hm, i doubt we'll have quads." I even joked with Paul saying "oh, our quads this" and "oh, our quads that." Paul didn't find my jokes amusing, though ;) Little did I know that evening before the ultrasound what God had in store for us. Ha!

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