Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feed me!

Today marks the first day of feeding the girls solids. Yay! I will have to admit I was scared of starting this (along with changing their schedule to every four hours). They have been doing so well eating and napping/sleeping that I was afraid the solids and new schedule were going to mess it all up. But I was also excited to start solids with them too...and as Paul said "we have to do it sometime."

So, we started the girls with rice cereal, not runny but not extremely lumpy. Sort of like applesauce consistency. Well, our girls did awesome! Anna and Bethany just chowed down on the cereal, opening their mouths, moving/chewing the food and wanting to use their hands to feed themselves. Suzan and Brielle did well too, eating all of their cereal, but took some time to warm up to the food. And you know Jared wanted to get in on the action and feed his little sisters too :) All of the kids were so cute!

Here are some pictures I took of the feeding frenzy. Paul also took some video, which we hope to post sometime soon.

Suzan - "um, do you mind Mama? i am eating here.""hm? what is that thing?"Anna - "oh yeah, just shovel it in!" and looking at her bowl like "oh, is that mine? i'd better not be sharing any food with my sisters!""here, let me help you Dad"Jared, being the big brother and helping out by feeding AnnaBethany - "mouth is ready Dad. bring on the food!""yum, yum, yum!""is that it? isn't there more? i can handle more, Dad!"Brielle - "look at me Mama! i'm eating cereal!"" tastes different than i was expecting."Since they did so well at breakfast this morning we're going to feed them cereal again at lunch here...and then if they do well with that, maybe dinner. Our pediatrician also told us "if they do well with cereal, move them on to veggies. then fruits. then mixed meals." Paul asked "okay, then cereal for a week or so?" The doc said "no, like 2 or 3 days. then just move on." So we'll see. So far, the girls love it. Yay!


Go to our Family Blog! said...

That is great! I'm so glad it went well! Great Job! Kami

Anonymous said...

Oh they are so cute ! :)
It's fun that Jared is helping too!
He seems to be a wonderful Big Brother :)

Kim said...

I have been following the progress of the fab four since before they were home from the hospital. I don't remember how I came across your blog, and you don't know me. It is so fun to read their updates, thanks for sharing them.

The Kaylor Kastle said...

So fun! I'm sorry though that you guys are still going to be "hunkered down" for the next several months. I hope you find safe places to take them out and about...I'm sure you all could need some outings right about now.

Aimee said...

WOW, they are getting so big! They'll be running around in no time! :) Enjoy your five blessings!!

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