Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eh, What's Up Doc?

Carrots! That's what. We fed the girls carrots today for the first time. They'll be eating carrots for a few days here. Let me just say carrots are messy. And stain so easily! I don't remember carrots staining so badly with Jared. Hm... In any case, the girls loved them. Carrots are tastier than the green veggies. The squash and sweet potatoes should taste yummy too...and then the girls will be in heaven with the fruits :P

Here are some pictures of the orangey girls :)

Suzan - "finally, Mom, you give us something that TASTES!"Suzan - "no, i'm not gonna let go of the spoon"Suzan - "did you say raspberries? i can blow raspberries anytime. here, let me show you! ;)"Suzan - "all done? that was it??"Anna - "okay, let's get this show on the road. put the camera down Mom and FEED ME"Anna - "nummy, num!"Anna - "um, do i have something on my face? and my bib, you say??"Bethany - "oh, here she comes at me with the camera now. don't you see i am trying to eat?!"Bethany - "mmmm, does this orange stuff taste good!"Bethany - "we ran out? oh no!!!!"Brielle - "hi cousin lisa! how are you? can we chat while we eat? i love to chat!"Brielle - "yay, i'm the cleanest of them all! woo hoo!"


Anonymous said...

How cute! I just love messy baby pictures!

Taryn Choate said...

So stinkin cute! Are the 2 girls still having to wear their helmets? Haven't seen pics of them wearing them in awhile but I didn't remember reading anything if they were done with those darn things. I was so excited when Brigham had "graduated" from his helmet. Anyways I can't believe how big they're all getting!!

Anonymous said...

They are so Sweet whit their messy little orange faces!!
They seems to like it a lot!
Have a Nice Day!

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