Wednesday, September 24, 2008

After dinner pictures

I was feeding Anna and Bethany at dinner the other night (Paul had Suzan and Brielle). Anna and Bethany were being so cute that I decided to take a few pictures of them. It was Anna eating the burp cloth that got me going for my camera ;) Ha!

Anna - "Feed me Mama! Oh wait, you just did. Ha, just kidding ;)"Anna, getting so bigTwo twin peas in a pod (Notice that Bethany has propelled herself up out of the boppy and Anna and pushed herself down out of the other one. This is VERY common with the girls. all four of them are too wiggly now ;) )Bethany's outfit comes with a matching headband so Mama had to put it on her real quick :) (FYI, I just moved Anna and Bethany into the size 9 to 12mo clothes and Suzan and Brielle into the 6 to 9mo clothes. They're growing like crazy!)All four girls have been LOVING the solids. Now we are on sweet peas...then we have some jars of the mixed green veggies and then orange/yellow veggies, e.g. carrots, sweet potatoes, squash. I am sure they ALL will be chowing down on these :)

Oh, and here's a funny dinner story for you all. All of the girls do really well sitting and eating at the feeding table (oh, do we LOVE that table!). How we feed them is I usually get two babies and someone else, e.g. Paul/helper/volunteer, gets the other two. Lately I've been feeding Suzan and Anna. Well, apparently I cannot feed Suzan fast enough. She has been giving me these wet, veggie-filled raspberries that cover my left arm in whatever she just ate. It's like she is saying "'cmon Mom! Put the pedal to the metal and feed me faster! If not, you get sprayed!" I think we need to get it on video because it's just too funny :P


Anonymous said...

too funny and cute.

Moni Graf said...

So pretty..... I have a quick question. How is Suzan's name pronounced? Is it like Susan or is it Suz-Ann? I hate not knowing how to pronounce it in my head when I'm reading!

Love from KS,

Anonymous said...

They are so cute, and really identical!! And can,t wait to see the other two, it's been a while since we saw Suzan...
Oh yeah, and your little story is really funny ;P Hope you will catch this on video or photo really soon!
P.S. Is it less warm at your home??


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