Tuesday, September 09, 2008

6 month stats

Yesterday we took the girls in for their 6 month check-up. All look beautiful, according to the pediatrician :) They got three shots each (poor girls :( ) and an oral vaccine. They all were chatty and smiley for the doc. They're too cute!


Suzan -
14lbs 4oz (25th %tile, 50th %tile adjusted)
25.25" long (35th %tile, 75th %tile adjusted)
17" head (74th %tile, 90th %tile adjusted)

Anna -
17lbs 6oz (77th %tile, 98th %tile adjusted)
26.5" long (77th %tile, 98th %tile adjusted)
18" head (above 100th %tile, off the charts adjusted)

Bethany -
18lbs 3oz (90th %tile, off the charts adjusted)
26.5" (77th %tile, 98th %tile adjusted)
18" head (above 100th %tile, off the charts adjusted)

Brielle -
14lbs 8oz (26th %tile, 52nd %tile adjusted)
25" long (26th %tile, 52nd %tile adjusted)
16.5" head (30th %tile, 74th %tile adjusted)

The pediatrician did say they'll have to start another round of the Synagis shots come October. This shot is to boost their immune system during the RSV season, which is from October to ~April. They will get one shot each for each month. Plus, they will get the flu shot in October. All of this to protect their immature and compromised preemie immune systems. With this also means we're in RSV lockdown from October to April. *Sigh* BUT...he did say we can get out for walks, go to the zoo, go to parks. We just can't take them to populated and germ-filled places, e.g. nurseries, parties, etc. So Yay! that we can go on walks when the weather turns colder! Woo hoo!

Also, we're going to start giving the girls solids, cereal first then veggies then fruits then mixed meals. Oh, this is gonna be fun :P So that should start very soon. They are going to continue with consuming breastmilk (supplemented with Neosure, where needed). And also with starting solids we're going to change their feeding schedule to an every four hour feeding, versus the three hour schedule that we've been doing. We think the girls are ready for all of this.

Praise God that they are eating and growing and developing so well! We are continually amazed at them and at God!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God!
Brielle is now heavier than Suzan!
She grew up very fast...
I'm happy to see that they are all in great shape and healty! :)
Hoping to see pictures soon!
Did you take other 6 months pictures? And we did not see youyr photograph pictures already :)
Have a Nice Day
Emilie and her Family

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