Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sit girls, sit

From our visit with the neurological-developmental specialist on Monday, she said we should start to get the girls to sit up more. We asked her if we could use the little Bumbo seats we have and she said "oh yes! you should get them in those now, while they still might like them." So we've tried it out on the girls and so far, they like them alright. You can tell from the pics that they still need to develop their sitting up skills but they do like playing with the little attached toy.Here's an update from this appointment we had...the specialist said the girls look great! They still have some "preemie" things to develop, like upper body strength and use of their arms and hands when sitting up but other than that, they are perfect. Praise God! We are going to get some physical therapy started for the girls, just to help them along a bit, and we did get a stack of PT handouts for us to do ourselves.

The one funny thing from the specialist was what she said when she first saw us...."Hello, I'm 'so-and-so.' Um, did you know you have big babies?" Ha! Yup. She took measurements of the girls, e.g. height, weight, head circumference, and plotted them on her adjusted-age growth charts. Suzan and Brielle are in the 75th+ percentile and Anna and Bethany are just off the charts, all of which we knew. What was also funny was when she saw Paul after this initial comment (he was out of the room diaper-changing someone). He came in to the room, she turned to introduce herself and meet him and she says "Oh! Big Dad! Yeah, that would make you have some big babies." Ha!

The other thing she kept asking us was "so, have the girls had any colds? illnesses? anything?" Nope. Nope. And nope. She was surprised by that. Just God keeping our girls healthy - Amen!

Praising God for his awesome provision!!


Lauren said...

You know I must say.... enjoy the baby chub while they have it, because as soon as they start moving it seems to MELT off!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! They look so like "Big Girls" in their Bumbo seat!! :)
We are very happy that they are all healty and this big !
We are praying God for your family :)

Fulton Quads said...

They are absolutely ADORABLE!! I wish mine would gain some weight. My littler two are still under 20 lbs & are 19 months old today!!

jag said...

Thank you so much for the comment on our blog. Your girls and boy are darling. You know, you take some amazing pictures.

The Kaylor Kastle said...

Saucers would be good too for them by now cuz they would have to move those heads around more to see everything. They look just squeezable.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine all four girls sitting in a circle facing each other so they can watch each other and jabber. How cute. As for a feeding table where all four sit in a circle that works well, as we use that concept for feeding at work, with the CNA sitting in the middle facing them. The food is hotter/colder and they can be fed in a more timely and safe manner. Love Grandma Carlson

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