Saturday, August 09, 2008

Penned in

In an effort to stay ahead of the storm, that is raising quadruplets, we finally found a solution to our gate/fence dilemma for the new playroom, aka former dining room. Thank you to everyone for suggestions on what gate to use! We talked with the Wilkinson Family (quintuplets) and got the make/model of the gate they use (thank you again, Rachelle!) because to me it looked like an excellent and functional gate for us - plus it looks like it fits wide openings. We read the reviews of it at Amazon and BRU, which were good (3 or 4 stars out of 5 - decent. a suggestion, always read the low/1-star/negative reviews first. that gives you an idea of the problems, if any, of the product or if people are just complaining over silly minutiae). After that, we decided to get two of them to fit our playroom openings. Now, we are ready! Armed! Prepared (yeah, sort of ;) ) for the next phase with the babies...mobility. Hopefully having these gates installed and them penned in the playroom will give them some security and safety (being corralled in one room) and us some flexibility (knowing they are in one room and we don't have to follow them around the entire house or baby proof the entire house). Now, it's only a matter of a month or two until they start becoming more mobile - Ack!

Summer Infant Sure and Secure Custom Fit Gate

A few random notes on this gate and the other gates we considered. Amazon reviewers listed two main complaints about this gate. First, the fabric panel over the door is attached with velcro and industrious toddlers can pull the panel off. The panel can easily be sewn back into place. Second, the anchors included with the gates are roughly 1" #6 screws with plastic drywall anchors that are just trash. We mounted the gates using 2" #8 pan head sheet metal screws directly into the studs behind the drywall. With gates this big, you really need to attach it to wall studs. If you cannot attach to wall studs, I would use six big drywall anchors to attach a 3' 2X4 to the wall and then mount the gate to the 2X4.

The gate includes the feet shown in the pictures. The frames of the gate are actually metal. We were expecting the gate to be all plastic. Note how the wall brackets are several inches off the floor which allowed us to install the gates without damaging the baseboards. The wall brackets for the kidco elongate attach right at the floor, so you are drilling holes into the baseboards.

The gates are a bit sturdier than we were expecting. I doubt the gate will contain two year old quadruplets that want to chase mommy, but they will allow us to contain the girls for quite a while.

Next in the baby game? One month until solid feeding begins! From what we've noticed, a lot of fellow quad families use the quad feeding tables. Hm...


Anonymous said...

Quad table invades!!!!! It has taken up our entire breakfast area it seems :) But it so easy to clean compared to four high chairs. I would go crazy. I love the play area. That gate looks a lot more kid friendly than many i have seen.

Jen said...

Thought of a toy that all the girls would love once they're old enough - baby strollers. Ahnica plays with hers like crazy. The gates look great!

Misty said...

IN hindsight, I wish we would have gotten the table instead of high chairs.

MaryBeth Reeves said...

Hi Marilyn,

I have a Quad Table that is slighty different from the one you are looking at and I LOVE it. It takes up a lot of space, but it is so worth it, and a breeze to clean up. We put a rubber mat under ours to get catch all the food and drink that might drop on the floor. Little did we know that this was the second best decision we made after getting the table. We got locuky and were able to buy our's used from another Quad family here in Atlanta.

On another note, I have some matching outfits from my girls that I would like to give away if you are in need. Please let me know your email so we can chat.

MaryBeth Reeves

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