Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kids at bathtime - name that baby

Okay, so who is this?Now, who is this?And finally, any guesses on this baby?Bathed babies will be revealed later...


Anonymous said...

Okay, 1st baby is Jared
2nd baby is Anna
3rd baby is Bethany


Anonymous said...

It's easy !! :)
1st Baby is M.Jared !
2nd Baby is Bethany !
3rd Baby is Anna !
But where are Susan and Brielle :(
Emilie and her kiddos !

(You don't have 5 months portrait?)
(and your portrait by photographer?, we can't wait to see them!! :)))

Bradford family blog said...

Jared, Bethany, and Anna.. Am i right?? :)
Love, Jaime Bradford

Jen said...

I'd say:
1. Jared
2. Anna
3. Bethany

Can't believe the girls are already 5 months old!!!

Misty said...

How cute! Love the bath shots!

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