Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Croup and other related news

Yeah, it's been a while since we last posted. That's because Jared came down with croup. FYI, did you know that croup is NOT an illness but actually a symptom of an illness? Go fig. Anyways, he came down with it last week. Poor guy. You know your kids don't feel well when all they want to do is cuddle up with their teddy bear on the sofa. No play. No smiles. :( He was wheezing, had the bark-like cough and couldn't speak. So we took him in to the pediatrician who checked him out, said "yup, it's croup" and prescribed a steroid for him (to feel better). We kept him home from school AND kept him away from the girls, as their immune systems are still premature and compromised. I immediately wiped down the girls' rooms and adjoining bathrooms. We also kept Jared out of the girls' rooms and kept them in the rooms for playtime. Praise God none of the girls got sick! It would be bad, very bad, for them to get a respiratory illness. Blech! He's now all better and back in school. It was funny to hear him tell his school friends about "the big bulge" he had in his throat and that "he couldn't talk and could only whisper." Ha!

In other related news, the girls are starting to talk more and grab (either above their heads or in front of them while on their tummies) at toys. Plus, they are holding their heads much, much better, especially when you pull them up from laying down on their backs. It seems like just the other day they were letting their heads flop around and not interested in their toys. Nope. No more. Paul jokingly said he saw Suzan and Brielle grabbing at and fighting over the same toy. Ha! It's so fun to see them develop!

Anna and Bethany are enjoying their freedom from the helmets. No more. Yay! It's nice to finally be able to kiss their foreheads and be tickled by their baby hair again!

Next week the girls turn 6 months old. What?!?! How can that be? Wasn't I just 6 months pregnant with them? I'm telling you, the days, weeks and months just fly by when you are chasing around four babies and an active preschooler! Every Sunday I say "huh? it's Sunday again already? i thought it was Tuesday or something?" Crazy, I tell ya!

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The Kaylor Kastle said...

Poor Jared! First year of preschool and he will be bringing all kinds of crazy germs into the out for roseala, hand, foot and mouth disease, Fifth's disease...all wonderful preschool illnesses! We got them all, but thankfully the twins too held out strong!

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