Sunday, July 13, 2008

"What's the one thing you didn't expect in having quads?"

This question was asked of me by Kelli G the other night. I was talking with her and her husband, Richard, when she asked this of me. It took me a while to think of my answer. So what is my answer? The one thing is how tired I can be by the end of the day. Like my head hits the pillow at 10:30PM at night and I just sigh and think "oh, it feels SO good to lay down in bed!" So maybe it's the exhaustion of always being up on my feet? Of always doing something baby/Jared related? Of always having a "go!-go!-go!" day, after day after day after day after day...

I also told her that I have to be reminded that I was REALLY big and pregnant for a long time (and off my feet, especially that last month when I was in the hospital) so my body is not used to being up, walking around, standing a lot. Now, it's gotten better but those first two months post partum were brutal. I remember asking my perinatologist at my 6wk post partum check-up "hey, my legs are always hurting. what's up with that?" She said "well, what are you doing? are you on your feet a lot, walking or standing." "Of course!" I replied. She then said (and reminded me) "well, remember you were carrying four babies, 80+ pounds of extra weight, and so were not moving around a lot. you're body is adjusting back to 'normal' life here. and it's going to take it a LONG time to recover. you were pregnant with quads for 7 months (32+wk) and it will take at least that long to gain your strength and body back. maybe a year or more, actually." Ahh, okay :)

So really that's my only answer to this question. Nothing else.

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