Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wear your helmet!

Anna and Bethany got their helmets today. Anna did well putting it on the first time. No crying from Miss Pink. Bethany, on the other hand, did NOT like it one bit. Or she could have cried because 1) she was tired and wanted to sleep or 2) was thinking about food. Or maybe a combo of it all ;) In any case, we snapped a few pictures of the appointment (notice we're in the yellow room, Grandma C)...

Anna and Mama - "Nah, this ain't bad"
Bethany - "No, this is bad!"
So far the girls are doing well with the helmets. They napped beautifully. No cries. We'll see how they do sleeping at night. Soon, I need to go to Joann's (YAY! Can't wait!! ;) ) to pick up some pretty scrapbooking stickers and letters in the girls' colors to decorate their helmets. Grandpa C, do you know of any Joann's coupons for us?

Again, Anna and Bethany will wear the helmets for 23 hrs a day (an hour off for bath/airing/clean-the-stinky-helmet time) and when asked how long the girls might wear them, Cranial Technologies said "somewhere between 3 and 5 months but really it depends on the age of the child (how shape'able the head still is and how quickly the child's head responds to the helmet treatment), the severity of the misshapen head and how well parents adhere to the 23 hrs a day of wear." So we'll see.

We now go back weekly for readjustment and to visually see progress (they will compare the girls' current head shape to the original, misshapen 3D head image - very cool!).


Anonymous said...

Poor little girls ! (Poor Bethany!)
I hope they will adjust well to their helmets...

Jen said...

What a cute idea to decorate the helmets. With your creativity, they'll almost look like hats. :o) Praying that their heads shape quickly and that they won't need to wear the helmets very long.

Choate Family said...

Maria you will be amazed at the difference when they're all done. My son had only had his helmet for 3 1/2 months and it was a world of difference. He'll be 4 next month and you'd never even know that he had to wear a helmet. There was a website I found when we were looking into decorating his about decorating the helmets so if I can find that again I'll send you the link. Good luck with those helmets!!


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