Thursday, July 17, 2008

Roller revealed

Who was it that recently rolled over from back to tummy? It was...Brielle! Yup, the little runt rolled over the other day. I kept asking Paul and a volunteer who was helping us "did you roll her over? was it you that rolled her over?" And she did it twice, once while at tummy time (first rolled from tummy to back and then back to tummy) and then during naptime. Brielle's just too wiggly and has always been a mover and shaker. Just wait, she'll be the one to take the first steps at 10 months or something crazy like that ;)

Thanks for all of your guesses. We'll see who's next in rolling over from back to tummy.

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FernandoDownUnder said...

It's bc she's so tiny! :) My oldest daughter, was a lightweight and did all of her physical stuff early, and the ped said it was bc she had less weight to pull around. :) It looked really funny when she was walking at 9 1/2 mths and only the size of a 7 mth baby!

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