Friday, July 11, 2008

Double Occupancy

Well, we made the switch and now have two girls in each nursery/bedroom. Originally, they were all together, in the "purple" nursery, and two babies in each crib, Suzan and Anna in one and Bethany and Brielle in the other. Due to several factors (e.g. the big girls sleeping longer at night, the girls waking each other up either with their cries or rolling on top of each other and now helmet duty for the big girls) we decided to split up the Fab Four. So in the pink nursery we have Anna and Bethany and in the purple nursery we have Suzan and Brielle. I feel very fortunate that we have enough bedrooms to do this. Otherwise, they'd all have to share and suck it up and deal with it (Mama included!).

So far, they are oblivious of the change. Oh, and for those wondering the identicals (Anna and Bethany) are together and the fraternals (Suzan and Brielle) are together. Or the "big girls" and the "little girls," however you prefer to reference ;)


Anonymous said...

It's fun that they are in two differente rooms ! Will you post some pictures of the rooms ? It will be nice to see them :)
And some new pictures of the kids (maybe outside!)
Have a nice day !

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, pictures! Your girls are beautiful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I havent figured out any better way to feed them. It is taking me FOREVER TOO!!!! I am just desperatly working on them holding their own bottles, if they want to roll around, they can see how they like it LOL. just kidding.
Your girls are super cute! And we get our cranial bands on the 23rd from Cranial Technologies! We just had our scans on thursday, kiddos were not happy! I used to go to ASU TOO. SMALL WORLD!! Quad, AZ, cranial bands... :) We will see how our kids do with them. So nice to meet you (over blog of course). :)
Its nice to meet quad moms closer to our age as well. Only 2 months apart. We can go through a lot of this together :) You carried yours longer so they are really like a month apart :)

Misty said...

Wow, We still have ours all in the same room. Mostly because fo space issues. The girls look great! I have a feeling before long I may be cleaning closets.
Take care,

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