Thursday, July 10, 2008

Days 1 and 2 with the helmets

Well, yesterday and today went okay with Anna and Bethany wearing their helmets. Not too many tears. Poor Bethany, though...she developed a big red welt on the left side of her head this morning :( That is why they told us to take off the helmets every 3 or 4 hrs, to check and see that everything is fitting well and no rubbing/irritations are occurring. So Paul took her and her helmet back in and they trimmed her helmet a bit. So she got a free pass to not wear the helmet for the rest of the day today. Anna, on the other hand, is doing well with the helmet and so has worn it all day (again, taking it off every 3 hrs).

They slept somewhat okay in it last evening. I think Bethany woke up a few more times than usual, which is understandable. Anna, on the other hand, slept 7 hrs with the helmet with no issues. Crazy girl :P Tomorrow is the rest of day 2 of the helmets. Same protocol as today, taking it off every 3 hrs for redness checks. Then late tomorrow they start the "wearing it every 23 hrs."

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