Friday, July 18, 2008

Crunching the numbers

So I was thinking about all of the diapers we change, ounces of breastmilk/formula the girls eat, wipes we use, loads of laundry we run, times we run the dishwasher, etc., etc. Here are all the numbers I came up with...

In a 24 hour period

  • The girls eat ~140 ounces of breastmilk and formula A DAY (the big girls eat about 6 ounces each x 7 times a day and the little girls eat about 4 ounces each x 7 times a day). That is a little over a gallon (128 ounces in a gallon) of food A DAY!
  • Jared probably consumes 24 ounces of milk (8 ounces x 3 times a day) A DAY
  • I am producing about 60 ounces, or almost a 1/2 gallon!, of breastmilk for them A DAY. No way I can produce 140 ounces. I think I would pop (literally :P ) That leaves about 80 ounces, or a little over a 1/2 gallon!, of formula A DAY.
  • We run our dishwasher about 3 times A DAY. The top rack, which is where all of the Dr. Brown's bottles go, is always full and is always the reason for us to run the dishwasher.
  • We change the girls' diapers every time they eat. So that is 7 times X 4 babies, for a grand total of at least 28 diapers A DAY. And sometimes we change a girl's diaper twice (like this morning, when Bethany decided to get dirty again :P ). So sometimes it's up to 42 or even 56 diaper changes A DAY. We have the big economy-pack of diapers (either the 184 count or the 104 count) that usually contains 2 bricks of ~90 diapers each. These usually cover us for 2 months or so. These little 40-count packs might cover us for A DAY :P
  • Jared still wears pull-ups at nap time and at night but has recently been really great at keeping them dry. So he might go through 1 pull-up A DAY. Thank goodness he is older, potty trained and out of diapers!
  • Most of our wipe containers are an 80-count, so that covers us for 1.5 DAYS (sometimes those poopy diapers are a 4-wiper ;) )
  • We run a load of laundry about every other or every 3 days. Then I have my big "laundry day" on Wednesdays, in which I launder all of our clothing.

Then there is all the other stuff we have

  • We have about 80 burp cloths/cloth diapers
  • We have 14 fitted crib sheets (no bumpers - Paul was smart in saying "no bumpers." It would be a pain to get the mattress out and crib sheets off and on with the bumpers on the crib.)
  • We have 40 of the 8-ounce Dr. Brown's BPA-free bottles
  • We have 4 swings, bouncers, Bumbo seats, Boppies, cribs and infant carrier car seats
  • We have 2 big play gyms

But best of all, we have

  • 10 sweet eyes
  • 5 smiley faces
  • 4 babies and 1 preschooler to hold and cuddle with
  • 10 cute little hands to hold
  • 10 feet and 50 toes to tickle
  • And 5 wonderful, precious, children of God to love on! That's the best numbers to be crunched ;)


Jen said...

Being a math person, I was fascinated with this post. But my favorite part of all that made me smile was the last part. :o)

Anonymous said...

My favorite number is 50 toes. That's a lot of toes! And also a lot of nails to clip.

You should get a top milk producer award.


Anonymous said...

Hey there..Thanks for stopping by our blog. I look forward to catching up with your family through your blog. I'll be praying for you. I remember thinking about all those numbers when mine were babies. Crazy stuff!

Baby Blog Addict said...

Amazing. I just stumbled upon your blog by blog hopping and want to say congratulations on being an amazing family!

I saw your comment about no bumpers making it easier to change the crib sheet. I only have one son, but a life saver when changing the crib sheet has been the Ultimate Crib Sheet from Babies' R Us. It lays on top of the fitted sheet and just snaps all around. No need to lift the mattress each time. And it's water proof, so if there are any diaper leaks, you only need to change the Ultimate Crib Sheet. It's about $18, but soooooo worth it. Here's a link - Ultimate Crib Sheet

Also, if you get a chance, check out my parenting site over the next couple of weeks. We are hosting a QUADATHON and will have interviews with four other quad moms.


Anonymous said...

Your text is so sweet! I like it so much. I read it to my little girl and she said to me "Mommy, I just have 2 hands and 10 you love me as much as she love her 5 children ?" I think it was so cute ;)

Anonymous said...

It is like looking in the mirror!!!!!!!!!!! (minus the cutey older son and the breastmilk, i stopped two months ago)!
Ive never laid it out like that before, that really is terrifying!

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