Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All thumbs

Anna found her thumb today! Yay! I say "yay!" because with quads it's SO difficult to keep the pacis in their mouths. The pacis help the girls soothe themselves and fall back asleep. And again with FOUR babies, you need them to soothe themselves and fall back asleep ;) Now if only the other girls will catch on and find their thumbs.

Here she is with her thumb (notice the paci, pushed to the side - ha! :) )


Ashley said...

She is so precious! You know I love the thumb suckers! It does make life much easier. Hopefully, the rest will catch on soon!

Anonymous said...

LOOKS SO FAMILIAR!! Right now i say thank goodness for thumbs, later i will wish they could be removed :)LOL.
WE have made it through our first week with the bands. i have survived four babies, four bands, changing their schedule, getting rid of the late evening feed, one baby teething... WOOHOO.
You are such an amazing photographer by the way!!
And woo hoo for jared getting to see wall-e, looks so cute

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