Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some things we've noticed about our girls - Part IV

Part four, and the last installment, of the series...

Brielle - our baby girl, the last one born, "baby D." She has always been "baby D," even in-utero. I think she was the baby "on the top" and has always been the smallest baby, even in-utero. Although lately she is giving Suzan a run for her money, as Brielle is 10lbs 5.5oz and Suzan is 10lbs 13oz. Go Brielle ;) She has her own look to her...dark brown hair, big eyes (a color mix of blue and brown, versus the other girls having blue eyes) and an expressive mouth. I think she has a sweet little mouth :) She gives these great big smiles that are just so cute. She, like Suzan, has a distinct cry and we can always tell that it's Brielle crying. She is my best nurser, nursing about 4oz at a feeding and one time nursed 5.5oz! She also is our most physically advanced, if you will, baby. She rolls over and holds her head up the most.

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