Thursday, June 26, 2008

Other GGGG

Yes, there are other sets of all-girl quads out there in the US. Now, these are the only ones I know of, or those that have blogs/family websites. There might be a whole lot more out there that we don't know about :)

Mathias Quads (these are spontaneous identicals!) - born in February 2000
Breedlove girl quads (all identical too!) - born in March 2005
The Urech girl quads (we know Misty and her brood ;) ) - born in November 2006
The Hudson girl quads - born in March 2007
The Murphy girl quads (they have 2 fraternals and 2 identicals, just like us!) - born in December 2007

So, not a lot of GGGG.

And not a lot of BBBB sets either...
The Yager boy quads - born February 2005
The Murray boy quads - born February 2007
The Malone boy quads - born August 2007

ETA: I found another GGGG set! The Hogans - born November 2004

1 comment:

Sweety Cassidy said...

new website with BBBB quads jan 2008 (include...3 identical)

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