Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The "little girls"

I call Suzan and Brielle the "little girls." And really they are the little girls...they were the 3lb girls born and are still smaller than Anna and Bethany. Suzan is now 11lbs 3oz and Brielle is hot on her tracks, at 10lbs 15oz. FYI, Anna and Bethany are 13lbs 8oz and 13lbs 13oz, respectively. Oh my! They're just growing like weeds ;)

Suzan, just hanging out under a play gym
Cute little smirk :)
Awe, Brielle looks so sweet sleeping!
An angel!


Misty said...

Oh, they are so cute! I love the sleeping baby pics!

The Stilwells said...

Cute pictures. Your Suzan and my Susan are almost the same weight!!! I am so glad to hear they are growing great.

Anonymous said...

Hi ! I am Emilie and I like to look at your pictures with my kids. I have a almost 8 years old girl and a 18 months old little boy. (My girl really like your girls and she wants some too!!!) Good Luck and keep the pictures coming...

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