Friday, June 13, 2008

The kids with family

So, we had a good run of seeing out of town relatives these last few weeks. First, we saw Paul's Aunt Lylia and Cousin Nikki from ND. Then, Paul's parents were able to come down from ND for a week's visit. It was so nice seeing everyone again, as we won't be making our yearly ND trips for a while! Here are a few pics of the kids with the relatives. More pictures at our website, under "The Quads" and "Jared."

Jared with Aunt Lylia Suzan with Cousin Nikki
Anna with Cousin LisaBethany with Grandma Martha
Brielle with Grandpa Wes
And all five grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa Carlson


Nikki said...

What happened to the one of Jayson holding Suzan? Thanks for taking a picture of me and Suzan ... I kinda forgot to take out my camera while I was there! I kinda got caught up in the moment of life with 4 babies!

Nikki said...

I found that picture of Jayson and Suzan!

amy said...

very cute. it looks like they all enjoyed not having to worry about who gets a turn to hold a don't really have to worry about that with 4 on hand!

and i never thought of that, but i guess it WILL be awhile before you can take trips to ND. good thing your relatives are willing to brave the heat! :)

Rissa Mendes said...

Wow what wonderful kids you have there!! looks like even one of the babies is waving...Praying blessings on you as your family grows in love...
Rissa :)

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