Saturday, June 07, 2008

Helmet Appointment

So I know some of you know that we took all four girls to get their head shapes checked out with a doctor. The appointment was yesterday, Friday, with Cranial Technologies here in Phoenix.

We were thinking the small girls, Suzan and Brielle, were probably safe as their head shapes look pretty good and symetrical but the big girls, Anna and Bethany, probably needed the helmets. We were right. The doctors said that Suzan and Brielle have really good shaped heads but that Anna's and Bethany's head were long and not very wide. In fact, they said they thought the shape of Anna's and Bethany's heads were probably an in-utero caused thing. Interesting. So our next steps are to see what our insurance will cover and also talk to friends that had helmets on their girls (Amy K, expect a call from us ;) ) and see how bad it was for their girls to wear them. FYI, the girls would have to wear the helmets for 23 hrs a day (only an hour off for bath time). Don't know how long, e.g. weeks or months, they'd have to wear them also. It depends on how much reshaping needed. Thank goodness they said Anna's and Bethany's head shapes were not severe!

Here are some pictures I took of our outing :) Those double strollers are a beast to drive! Thank goodness we had Grandma Carlson with us! And thank goodness we didn't get too many looks, stares and comments on the four babies :P Oh, and I have to say that our girls did WONDERFUL with the 1.5hr appointment. The nurses and clinicians were totally amazed at how well they did and hardly cried. They said "boy, your girls did SO much better than the single babies we get in here!" They are good babies :)

The girls in their carriers and strollers in the waiting room. We took up almost all of the room!

The girls and Grandma C, waiting for the helmet evaluation process (which included lots of "mug shot" pictures and head measurements)


Sweety Hope said...

one of the blair quads had helmet, if you want discuss with them

Choate Family said...

Hey Maria, my oldest son had a helmet from 6 1/2 months - 10 months and it worked beautifully! In fact we did it through the same place you went to there in Phx. The worst of it was when they did the casting of his head to make the helmet but he did quite well with the helmet. Really until he was 10 months did he even notice it was on his head. Email me sometime if you have any questions.


Charity Donovan said...

Hello Maria! One of my quads is currently in a helmet. He doesn't mind it at all...although it can be a little sweaty. one thing they told me though is that they should not be put into a helmet until at least 5 months corrected age. Having the babies nap on a boppie pillow can really help a lot...try different positions at nap time to get them off the flatter part of their really helped Evan a lot before he was old enough to get the helmet on. This alone corrected quite a bit of his if your girls aren't too severe this may do the trick. Good luck & let me know if you have any questions.

King Quads said...

We picked the same car seats and strollers!

amy said...

glad you had some help with "driving" those strollers! they do look a bit formidable.

hope all goes well, whatever you decide about the helmets. sounds like you've got some experienced folks to help you thru it which is nice.

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