Sunday, June 01, 2008

Buff Brielle

We think Brielle might be our most physically advanced baby, even though she is the smallest/most preemie one. She moves all over the crib (sometimes getting her feet or head on Bethany - ha!), rolls over the most and does a great job holding up her head. Just last evening, she was awake (little stinker didn't want to sleep :P ) so I held her for a bit. Well, she insisted to not lay her head down but instead hold it up the entire time! What a buff little girl :) ! Here are some pics...

With Mama

Still holding her head up!


Carol said...

They are soooooooooo adorable!


Anonymous said...

She reminds me of the mouse that roared. Small in size,but mighty in virtue when called upon. Way to go bright eyes Brielle! Love Grandma Carlson

amy said...

wow. she is so strong. that's awesome. it is so fun to catch up a bit on you and your family! thanks for sharing your joy with us! we rejoice in God's blessings for you and delight in seeing how its brightening your lives and filling it with lots of love, as well as bringing joy to so many others. God is already using these girls as instruments in sharing His love and joy.

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