Monday, June 02, 2008

Bragging on our boy :)

I have to brag about Jared right now :)

For the longest time (like over a year), Jared has been going to the Starfall website where he learned his ABCs and recently his phonics. I think we heard about the website from Amy K (thanks Amy!) Jared also learned his ABCs from a Leap Frog train. I think we learned about the train from Carol T (thanks Carol :) ! ) So Jared has known the alphabet for a while now.

Well, since he's been stuck at home with us and the babies we thought we'd purchase some media items to help him with phonics now and help him to read. He already knew the alphabet. So Paul did his usual research and purchased a couple of Leap Frog videos that go through the phonics and how to sound out words and a Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Kindergarten system. Jared's been doing great with it! I am AMAZED that a little four-year-old can already sound out his letters and read books! Well, sort of read books...he sounds out the letters of the words and then puts the words together that way. For example, the word RAT...rrrr...aaaaa... ta...RAT. Awesome! He just read his first book in the HOP system! He and I read some words at dinner one time too, like BUTTER, CHEESE and MIST. He got them all. Wow! Some teacher friends of ours are amazed that he is already doing this.

So the next time you are over just ask him the sounds of certain letters. He knows them all ;)


Carol said...

Go Jared!

Carol T.

Anonymous said...

My Mom would be SOOOOO proud to call him her greatgrandson, with her teaching in Headstart background. Way to go Jared, that big head is filled with something besides hot air. Love Grandma Carlson

amy said...

that's awesome! of course, i'm not surprised at all since i know he has brilliant parents! sounds like he's off to a great start, though. i think phonics are really awesome and hope to teach magi using phonics as well. its good to hear of a "success" story.

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