Friday, June 27, 2008

The "big girls" are getting helmets

Yes, after much talking, praying and asking friends what they've done with their kids in regards to helmets, we decided to get them for Anna and Bethany. We don't know how long they will have to wear them, e.g. in months, but they do have to wear them 23hrs a day. Poor girls! But really, we don't want to look back and regret not doing it for them. Plus, I keep seeing them lay on the sides of their heads vs. the backs of their heads so I think that isn't helping to fix the problem. We've tried positioning their heads but they are getting so strong that we can't correct it that way.

So today we took Anna and Bethany in to Cranial Technologies (CT) here in Phoenix to get their heads digitally "scanned" so that CT can make the helmets specific for their heads and correct the shapes.

Now, CT used to use a plaster-of-paris type process to get an image of the baby's head. No more. Now it's all digital (aren't we all ;) ). So the girls each had a turn to wear a lovely netting over their heads/face, sit still (yeah right :P ) and have several cameras at several angles take pictures of their heads. Anna went first and then Bethany. Both cried :( and unfortunately Anna had to try it again, as she wasn't sitting up straight enough to get a perfect image. CT will take the images of their heads, manufacture the helmets and then we go back in 10 days to get each girl fitted with the helmet. Then the girls wear them until their heads look good. We also have to go back in to CT on a weekly basis, to adjust the helmets as their heads grow and are re-shapened.

So here are some pics of our outing...

Anna being the first to wear the lovely netting :(
Sit still little girl
Awe!, one of the clinicians trying to soothe and calm down Anna
Trying again (notice the beige and black column thing in the background. those are the cameras; and one was mounted on the ceiling)
Bethany's turn (she kept licking the netting - ha!)
Awe! Poor little girl!
:( Almost done sweetheart
All done and happy
Anna, almost done (had to try it again :( ) and saying "i'm ready to blow this pop stand!!"


Tubre Quads said...

ok, so I think your girls heads look great...much better than my kiddos. Guess I need to schedule an appointment for some cranial bands!


The Stilwells said...

My goodness, I didn't know they put something over their entire head and face to do the helmets. I wouldn't want to do that either.

I hope they work fast and don't have to be on too long.

King Quads said...

What troopers! Hopefully they won't have to wear the helmets for long.

Kelly said...

The Steece quads wore helmets and decorated them all up. It was cute!

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