Friday, May 16, 2008

Went well

The girls' appointment went well. We prepared ourselves beforehand, making sure we had our diaper bag packed and ready, our questions for the doc composed and printed, a plan to get out of the house and a plan for when we got back home. So this morning we fed the girls a bit early, at 8:00AM. I pumped and ate breakfast early, around 8:15AM. Then we packed them up in their car seats at 8:45AM, loaded them up in the big van and were on the road around 8:55AM. We got to the pediatrician around 9:15/9:20AM, so plenty of time to spare (appt at 9:30AM). Then we got home around 11:00AM, unloaded them from the van and car seats and fed them right away, ~11:00AM. Poor little girls! They were so exhausted from the doctor's visit and the shots. Oh, I have to add that we did not bring Jared with us. My mom watched and played with him while we were gone (thanks Mom!!).

The girls are nice and healthy!

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Anonymous said...

Now you know what mama duck feels lke to bring her ducklings out for the first big swim? Now do I have everyone here? Love G. Carlson

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