Sunday, May 04, 2008

2 months old

Today, the girls turn two months old! Or one week old, adjusted. Already?! They are so sweet and precious. We feel blessed that God entrusted them to us! Here are their stats...

Suzan -
8lbs 4oz
20.5" long (birth stats - 3lbs 13oz, 17")
Anna -
9lbs 13.5oz
20.25" long (4lb 3oz, 16")
Bethany -
9lbs 13oz
20.25" long (4lb 11oz, 16")
Brielle -
7lbs 9.5oz
20.5" long (3lb 9oz, 17")

Jared at two months old? ...16lbs 2oz, 25.5" long. Or him at birth? ...10lbs, 21.5" long. He's still our "big guy" :)


Anonymous said...

Wow ! They grow up so fast !!! Hope you'll put some picture soon :) Will the girls have there picture take at the photograph each months like Jared ?

Anonymous said...

It is amazing just how close Bethany and Anna are with their weight and length. Two peas in the pod, they will have fun tricking people when they get older being soooo identical.Good to see Suzan and Brielle"bulking" up also. Now some butter and lutefisk for Christmas and then they will really grow! My friend Jackie has a gingham two piece outfits in each girls color coming. Soooo cute. Another friend knows a lady who had triplets and when they were crawling and just walking she had to corral them to keep the house safe. Busy days a coming. Love Grandma C.

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