Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some things we've noticed about our girls - Part III

Part three of the series...

Bethany - she is the third baby born, "baby C," and like Anna is one of the identicals (still don't know who was who in-utero :P ). She was the biggest baby born and keeps it neck and neck with Anna in their weights. She, too, loves her food but doesn't make the grunts and snorts like Anna. Instead, you can hear her make loud "gulps" ;) She also gives us these sigh-kind-of cries that are very cute. Right now, Bethany has green big toe toenails...her toenail polish is still on and thanks to it, we can tell that "she is Bethany" ;) Both Bethany and Anna have a reddish brown hair color. It will be interesting to see what kind of hair and hair color they have growing up.


Anonymous said...

Bethany and Anna are so identical to mixt them up ? You should put more picture, they grow up so fast! And some new of Jared too, don't forgot this beautiful little boy!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be interesting to know who was really first and decided she wanted a little sis to play with? Can't wait to get to see the family pictures coming up. What fun! Love G. Carlson

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