Friday, May 23, 2008

Sleepy Heads!

Along with gym play time, we have the girls playing in the bouncers. But...sometimes they just get too tuckered out and fall asleep. And so this is what we end up with ;) ...

And you know every Mom HAS TO take pictures of their sweet, cute little babies sleeping :P




Anonymous said...

You better start lifting weights guys! They so don't look like premies to me. ;o)

Amy K.

grandma kathleen said...

It is so wonderful to come to your site and see these beautiful girls! -- and a handsome son! You can really count your blessings. Of course, these blessings are going to bring alot of work, but it will be worth it. I'm so happy for your mom to get to be a part of this. Please tell her I think she has a most beautiful family! Love, Kathleen Papa

Anonymous said...

Sweet sleep, sweet dreams, do they dream of butterflys and flowers? Do they dream of angels. Do they dream Mom better quit eating garlic and sourkrout? Hummm. Love Grandma Carlson

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