Friday, May 16, 2008

First time out with all four girls

This morning, like in 20minutes, we are going out with all four girls for the first time. It's nothing special; we are taking them to the pediatrician. Three out of the four of them need shots (poor girls :( ) and so we might as well take the fourth girl with us. What's one more baby to bring ;) ?

Paul did take three of the girls to Phoenix Children's Hospital a while back. Thank goodness he didn't have to take them on his own. He had my mom go with him, as I was busy with the fourth baby and Jared.


Jen said...

Hope the checkup went well! Poor sweeties, shots are no fun. Glad you were able to get out with everyone. :o) Hope to see you soon!

Jen Hep.

Anonymous said...

Did it take you about 2 hours to be ready to get out the door? We can't be ready in much less than an hour, to make sure everyone is fed, changed, and dressed. Get the economy size on baby tylenol! Evelyn got a little fever due to her 4 month shots.

love you guys,

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