Sunday, May 18, 2008

First Smiles

I think some of the girls are starting to smile, on purpose. I love it! Yesterday, Bethany smiled at me several times in a row and then today both Suzan and Anna smiled at me. Actually, Suzan smiled A LOT at me today. It was so cute! Brielle hasn't smiled at me yet but I am sure she'll do it soon.

Also, I believe it was last Thursday that Bethany rolled over several times, from tummy to back. I'm sure her big head provided some momentum ;)

It's so fun that the girls are starting to smile and roll over! Again, I LOVE the smiles!!


Anonymous said...

Now get one of those smiles on camera. ;o) Yes, the smiles kind of help Mommy's keep going don't they??

Amy K.

Anonymous said...

We hope to see picturesof all this smile soon !!

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