Saturday, May 03, 2008

Brielle is Home! Yay!!

Yes, for real! Brielle is finally home! Yay! Paul got a call from her doc the other day saying "so, do you want to come pick her up today or tomorrow?" Really?! So Paul picked her up from the NICU yesterday. Her docs said that her Bradycardia episodes got much better or are gone and that she could come home now. Praise God! It feels SO good to finally have her see her sleeping right next to have all four now. Ahhhh! I will say that we had quite the "groove" or routine going with three of them. Now with four, we're having an adjustment period :P But God will give us the strength and patience to endure and learn and we'll have a new "four" routine in place soon.

We'll have pics of Brielle and all four posted here soon!


Sweety hope said...

YIPEEE !! it's very good new
I'm so happy for you

Anonymous said...

What a blessing for her to be home with her sistas and for you guys not having to run back and forth to the hospital.

Praise God!
Amy K.
do you guys want pizza or pork tenderloin tonight???

Carol said...

Welcome home Brielle!

The Tortorici Family:o)

Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I bet she will flurish with regular nursing and parent and big brother cuddles. Those little stinkers can tell this early on who is holding them. The joy and peace;"at least in your heart" they are home now. Just their little lives to live. The hospital stuff is behind them now. This Sunday you can truely celebrate Mother's Day with all your little children at your knee.Enoy, enjoy, enjoy! Love Grandma C.

Candy said...

That is so terrific, love to you all. Aunt Candy

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